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Rainbow Sprinkles 

Today in the studio through conversation with peers I began to reflect on my weekend past. Last Saturday I had the pleasure to spend the day with my grandmother who I refer to as Nanny. We spent the day baking cakes, scrapbooking and she taught me how to embroider. This act of passing down through generation to generation led me to thoughts of transfer of skills. Such as embroidery, which I am now using in my practice. This transfer is essential to are learning and is a form of heritage and memory.

These conversations surrounding my Nanny led me to reflect on childhood and my favourite childhood pass times whether it was music, walking the dog or baking a cake, let's be honest eating my favourite rainbow sprinkle covered cake; the knowledge or skills required to do all these things were taught and passed down from generation to generation. This link or transfer drove my thoughts towards the transfers of not just skills but to knowledge, ideas and even the physical method of transfer. The transfer of photo and paint.

So today in the studio I decided to reflect on this idea of transfer as I painted. I am still not fully aware how these ideas will reflect in my work but they certainly informed my practice today. However I am aware of the importance of the wisdom passed down by elders and how that informs daily life and growth.

Side note: today I discovered Australian fairy bread the inner child in me is so excited to try it... I Love Rainbow sprinkles

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