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Hello folks, my name is Lauren, I  am a MFA & BA Fine Art Graduate . My speciality is in painting, my practice lies between the representational and the abstract. The sublime is the central motif of my practice. A practice of questioning whether it is possible to convey something beyond self and the earthly reality, through image and paint? As an emerging artist I have been a part of numerous exhibitions and have been awarded the Siobhan McQuade Memorial prize and most recently been Longlisted For the British Contemporary Painting Prize 2022 and  shortlisted for the RDS 2021.

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Artist Statement 

The sublime is the central motif of my practice. My practice's intent is to attempt to create a cognitive viewing experience which stimulates thoughts and interpretations of the divine. I focus on creation and the idea that the sublime can be conveyed through nature and capturing the essence of it through paint.

My process of painting relies upon chance, I have developed a mixed medium practice and process which involves pouring inks, acrylics and oil-based paints. My hands on and off approach removing the brush captures a spontaneity and energy which creates gestural and fluid marks that only nature can imitate.  

I am creating a new dialogue with surface contextually and aesthetically through the process of layering; forging textile aspects with the paint that reject the fluid depth produced through pouring which creates a juxtaposition. Contextually the paintings present the surface of the earth in a much more material way; it deals with landscape in a less pictorial form capturing a presence of landscape.

I believe that art has the power to expose or present universal truths to a viewer. I hope my paintings capture that balance of living and majesty were serenity, purpose and self-awareness can be found.

Contact information

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Belfast Met

Foundation dipolma in Art and Design



Ulster University- Belfast School of Art

Bachelors in Fine art

First Class Honours 


Ulster University- Belfast School of Art

Masters in Fine Art with Commendation

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