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Hello folks, my name is Lauren, I  am a MFA student at Ulster University studying Fine Art. I have a First Class Honours BA in fine art. My speciality is in painting, my practice lies between the figurative and the abstract. I am intrigued in capturing the subtle figure in my work, looking at the essence and meaning of the painting. My Personal work looks at ideas of the sublime. Therefore, a lot of my work is based on faith and is inspired by the word of the Bible.


Artist Statement 

My work centres around the concept of ‘The Sublime’; questioning if it is possible to convey something beyond self and the earthly reality, through image and paint? The sublime being a questioning form of art and/or a philosophical enquiry. It is a form artistic practice which seeks enlightenment.

My practice's intent is to attempt to create a cognitive viewing experience which leads to thoughts and interpretations of the divine. The work is derived from my faith, it aims to convey a spiritual presence leading people to the feet of the divine.

This body of work focuses on creation; specifically influenced from Genesis Chapter One, the idea that the sublime can be conveyed through nature.

My paintings concentrate on the formation and the creation of nature and man.  I create abstracted representational works which portray elements of abstracted figuration, nature, light and matter. The work could be described as creation in a state of flux, something not quite tangible but on the brink of forming

I believe that art has the power to expose or present universal truths to a viewer. This was my goal, aim and intention for this series of work, I wanted the observer to have a questioning and immersive experience when they read my work. I hope my exhibition captures that balance of living and majesty, where serenity, purpose and self-awareness can be found.

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Ulster University- Belfast School of Art

Bachelors in Fine art

First Class Honours 

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