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Hello Internet,

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

My name is Lauren I am fine art masters student, a dog lover, coffee enthusiast, christian, wife to be and a proud new owner of this blog. Maybe more honest to say an anxious dyslexic owner so you will all have to go easy on me. So I've now got a blog, yes you've heard it first folks! This new venture has emerged from a casual assignment for my masters course of daily writing about my studio and practice, this can vary from a list of words, to a essay, to poetry or song writing. So this will become some what of a studio diary for myself, which is quite a vulnerable task, so bare with me as a navigate this new terrain and stay with me in this new stage in my practice to get an insight in who I am what I do and why.

Today I am going to share a poem,

Sublimity in the mundane enraptures the eye,

No contest of technological distraction,

Caught and captured by the wave

This wave transcending through all in the subtle rhythms of life

In the door opening and closing

In the hum of the ever present radiator in oh so many familiar spaces and locations

This wave is evident in the creators canvas a painted sky changing palette and mood everyday like an artist developing in a continual process and practice

It is found in the laugh of a loved one or a smile of a stranger, in the sound of rain on the roof as you drift into the unconscious realm of sleep and dream

This wave echos and mimics the drum we follow the day to day patterns. My concern, is there more than this repetition? I find purpose in the seeking, in the lack of understanding and the desire to comprehend. In the questioning of the mundane I find myself at the feet of the divine. Every train journey to the 9 to 5 I seek meaning

Every platform announcement an opportunity to reflect on my position in this world.

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