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Collateral Beauty

The disgarded paint on my pallette,

The rust on steel are transfers and traces of history and past,

The foam of waves as the bounce off the shore,

The dew on a flower after an autumn shower,

The ice on a window in the early morn.

Funny how nature and the organic succeeds in forging something the hand cannot

The struggle of a painter is learning to except the collateral as the centre motif therefore transforming a work from preparatory to masterpiece.

Studio thoughts...

One of those days forget pass to get into studio and wore a wrong colour of tights thinking blue was black - colour eye letting me down in the early hours

Pushing back my works as there is to much to the eye

Considering adding browns, red and earth tones into the palette

Responding to feedback from a recent group crit to reduce painting and to let go of direct symbolism

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