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Below are a  selection of Sketches from my 2019 body of work. The compositions of my paintings  tend to be anchored from my sketches. I have sketch books full of matter like forms and ideas, which can easily be adapted to sit on my organic pours. I see my sketches as parallel work rather than preparatory.

below is a selection of previous work from 2015 on wards, this shows the diversity of my work and a broad range of mediums I have worked in. Presenting my range as an Artist.

I’m a visual artist creating works predominantly in the medium of installation and drawing. I’ve always had a fascination with the overlooked underappreciated aspects of nature, fleeting moments that are often missed. I am inspired by nature and light, creating high contrasts, sharp lines but also diffused glows.  Light always acting as a constant connection to the natural world.

I create temporary works using biodegradable and recycled materials, creating illusions. Coming from a background in printmaking my installations often have a layered/concealed quality. 

This installation is my largest to date, of life size constructed botanicals, including a full-scale tree. With the natural light transforming the work in this darkened space. 

*part time student not graduating this year

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