The imagery presented aims to convey the very being of nature through the presentation of landscape as abstraction.  My approach is built upon the premise that beauty and sublimity are interconnected and interrelated. The intention of my work is to create and articulate imagery, which both evokes the sublime and captures my own faith and spirituality.  I aim to achieve this by creating symbolism which rearticulates the relationship between religious experience and nature, and which reflects our connection to the natural world. 

The work presented is birthed from a concept and idea where I gather fragments of my thoughts, what I’ve seen, sketches, poetry, photography; whatever I’ve collected throughout the course of a day and I then forge it in one singular image. My minds image consists of collaged fragments, which are a collection of subtle moments and motifs. The image tends to draw reference from only the natural, the organic scape and creation. This is an image prayerfully and reflectively forged, for myself it depicts the place of the balance of living and majesty were serenity, purpose and self-awareness can be found. When I picture my minds image I find a sense of somnolence there, where anxiety cannot consume and there is breath. 

I have recently moved to the country my new surroundings have drastically impacted my work, from working plein-air, to just living and walking in the scenic beauty.  I am faced with an eagerness to capture what I see. The land around me has transformed a previously muted palette to a newfound colour, as if I have a new perspective; or the time I spend in the location and the longer I am in the scape my perception and senses are heightened. 


I have tried to capture an element of time within the piece presented, producing a drawing daily of my minds image. The process therapeutic in nature captures a rhythm and ritual, which has provided stability in these turbulent times.