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Zest of oranges, still waters before the storm

A painting By Lauren McConnell


I write from an unknown place

As I sit on stone

             I press into the skin burrowing in,

The juice from the penetration stinging the torn flesh around my fingers.

I breathe

I consume

I lookup


Consuming the bitter sweet taste of fruit and the landscape around me

I stare into the distance

Past the still waters, which reflect an image of distortion,

Forms organic and still tangible of what hovers above

A cloud looming.

The landscape has begun to consume me

As it embeds my every thought


A blush glow filters everything

As dusk emerges

This glow presents an idealistic world




Bird song



Frost refracts the embers of remaining sunlight

This moment of serendipity exists,

A reminder of the spirit

I breathe,

I continue to hope.


Yet a storm loomed

Steel Grey it taunts

Stealing the blush

Devouring it.

A pain into my jaw from my tooth distracts


My teeth sensitive to the sour taste of the orange

The texture of its flesh, the pulp bitter

Stinging the crevasses of my mouth

But then I blinded by a flash in the distance

I inhale

The storm it still lurks

M o c k I n g      T o r m e n t I n g

This new bliss that had surrounded me vanishes

Pain and fear have now my full attention


‘Last   week   I   didn't   eat   oranges’

This place is transformative

I still seek rest,


My mind is running in circles

Seeking an encounter

Flash again

A white blinding blanket covers the sky

Just for an instant

Thunder follows

I see you in it


I marvel in terror

I exhale,

Am I now beginning to have the revelation of the terror of the sublime?

The orange peels as my foundation

I Stand in awe

I breathe

I gather my thoughts

As the first spits of rain freckle my face

Cold they shock

I hurry

Gathering the waste and disregarded rind

Returning to the studio

I lift my brush

I respond.

'Frost Refracts
'Serendipity' 2020
59 cm x 119 cm
Oil, a
New work 'In The Valley I Will Lift My E
'New Bliss' 2020
24x8 cm

A new piece de
'Rain Freckled Water' 2020
59 x 59 cm
New work available 😍😍 'Fall' - 2020

A selection of works from 2020 residency at Tyrone Guthrie Centre responding to Irish landscape and seeking the sublime with in my own home.

'Zest of Oranges, Still Waters Before  The Storm.' 2020

Ink, oil and acrylic paint on canvas

73 cm x120 cm


Manifestations of sincerity,

Transfigured land,

The yellow Ray breaks,



Fragmentation of a repetitive wave,

The wave, caught in the breath of the wind,

Layer upon layer,

rhythm of breath,

Elevating the mass,

This mass, is a form of fascination

Which treasures fleeting moments of serendipity,

Flickers of eternity,

Embracing the exuberance of growth,

Encapsulating the subtle whisper,

Energy, matter, forms, repeat.


Poem by Lauren McConnell 2020

Image 1.jpg

'Transfigured Land.' 2020

Ink, oil and acrylic paint on canvas

213 x 152 cm

Close ups and Studio Progression

close up
Warm tones

#process #sketch #wall #pain
Goal to have a painting that looks like
Visualising thoughts

#thoughts #forms #
Close ups of my favourite piece at the m
View from Kavern.jpg

'View From Kavern.' 2020

Ink, oil and acrylic paint on canvas

158 x 234 cm

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