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My personal work focuses on self,and what the core of my identity is. Therefore, a lot of my work is based around my Faith. I take influence from the Bible and through worship music, using my art as a form of praise.

The images presented are works from 2018 focusing on the brokenness of humanity, displayed through distorted figures, twisted and crippled. Their body language presenting grief and despair. These figures are how I view humanity, dark and broken, yet there is a contrast of gold and light. This contrast is inspired by the Japanese art form Kintsugi, the idea where cracks in pottery are highlighted with gold, as the flaws make it unique, beautiful and documents its history. The figurative forms throughout have cracks of gold to convey the sense that there is beauty within the broken. This leads to thoughts of acceptance, hope and for myself the divine. There is a spirituality to this work and to the body language of this work.

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